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  • Pastor takes to the skies for school fund-raising raffle

    Pastor takes to the skies for school fund-raising raffle Blessed Sacrament School in Springfield held an unusual raffle this summer which required Father Jeff Grant to take his first-ever helicopter ride. “The things you do as a pastor,” Father Grant joked at the conclusion of a June Sunday Mass as he made an announcement that more raffle chances were still available. Read More
  • King’s House celebrates 65 years

    King’s House celebrates 65 years In 1951, the King’s House Retreat and Renewal Center opened its doors in Belleville to welcome people to their quiet retreats and over the years gained a reputation for the many and varied programs they provided. Read More
  • St. John’s College of Nursing approved to offer master’s

    St. John’s College of Nursing approved to offer master’s St. John’s College of Nursing in Springfield has received approval from the Higher Learning Commission to offer a master’s of science in nursing (MSN). Between 10 and 20 full- and part-time students are expected to be admitted into the new program each year. Read More
  • Alton Franciscans to welcome postulants, celebrate a jubilee

    Alton Franciscans to welcome postulants, celebrate a jubilee The Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George will celebrate the reception into the novitiate of two postulants and the Golden Jubilee of Sister M. Bernard Simmons during Holy Mass at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 2. Read More
  • Daily Readings

    Daily Scripture readings for the weeks of July 24 and 31. Read More
  • Diocesan Datebook

    Daily events occuring throughout the Diocese. Read More
  • Bishop Paprocki's Public Schedule

    Bishop Paprocki's public schedule for the weeks of July 24 and July 31. Read More
  • Discovering God in all aspects of life

    I’m currently reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Reading this week’s Scriptures on God’s generous dealings with his people, I can’t help but think of Lincoln and his tremendous desire to be at peace with all men. Read More
  • Presentations that prompt thought and laughter

    It was my good fortune, at the end of June, to enjoy a performance by a group which has been in operation for 44 years in our area, but of which until then I had never heard. Encounter, with its headquarters at Main Street United Methodist Church in Alton, presented the musical The Story, a quick overview of salvation history from the time of Abraham and Sarah to the Paschal Mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Read More
  • Facing pain with strength, attitude, guidelines

    We all have memories that cause instant anger or sorrow. Memories of moments in our lives that we want to hide, and memories we wish had never occurred. Regardless of how we feel, or what we’re told, those bad moments do not make us who we are. Instead, we are defined by how we respond to those moments. When we meet others, they don’t know our past. They only know the choices we make in the present. It’s our present action that matters. Read More
  • Lay witness is key to success of intentional discipleship

    I have been meeting at the seven deaneries continuing our focus on “creating intentional discipleship” in our laity, and in our parishes. At one of our deanery meetings a couple shared their journey. I asked permission to use their story in my Catholic Times column as a means of showing successful witness to living this “way of life” which is “intentional discipleship.” Read More
  • Valid? licit? Using exact wording in Eucharistic Prayer

    Q Recently, I have attended Masses where the celebrants deliberately continued to use the word “all” instead of changing the word to “many” in the Eucharistic Prayer, as they have been instructed to do. When I asked them privately who gave them the authority to ignore this instruction, they assured me that the change made no sense and, therefore, they did not need to get authority not to change to using the word “many.” Since these priests do this deliberately, what does this do to the validity of their Masses, or are these examples of illicit Masses, or are they neither? Read More
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