Lex Cordis Caritas - The law of the heart is Love

April 30, 2017

The abortion business: what you did not hear on mainstream media

by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki

Illinois Right to Life held its 49th Annual Banquet this past April 20 in Glen Ellyn, at which I offered the prayers before and after dinner. The Illinois Right to Life’s honoree as its Pro-Life Person of the Year and keynote speaker at the banquet was Rep. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. She is regarded as a bi-partisan leader, a champion of reform, and an outspoken advocate for the unborn. Rep. Blackburn has been honored by the Family Research Council, has been given a 100 percent rating for her pro-life voting record by National Right to Life, and has been presented with the Distinguished Leader Award from the Susan B. Anthony List for her pro-life and pro-family work. In 2016, she was selected by Speaker Paul Ryan to be the Chair of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, a year-long investigation into the abortion industry’s buying and selling of aborted children.
Series:Lex Cordis Caritas - The law of the heart is Love
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