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Quotes for bulletins meant to inspire parishioners

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quotesforbulletinsbookAt age 90, Louis G. Kubacki knows how important it is to read and appreciate the words penned by saints and church leaders. That’s why, last month Kubacki — who lives in the Joliet diocese — presented Bishop Thomas John Paprocki with a book of quotes for use in parish bulletins throughout the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

“The work of Mr. Kubacki contains quotes, vignettes and poems from a wide range of sources,” says Marlene Mulford, director of Communications. “Its purpose is to increase the number of people who read Sunday bulletins and to develop an interest in what they contain. These articles will give food for thought, inspire, teach and provide an occasional chuckle.”

Mulford said she and Vicar General Msgr. David Hoefler were the first people from the Springfield diocese to read the quotes. “We were delighted with the book. Also, (by giving the gift of his time-consuming research and information) he is an excellent example of stewardship and discipleship at work.”

Kubacki says he was first inspired to begin his search of quotes after reading the church bulletins put together by the late Father Joseph M. Burns, who was a pastor at St. Laborious Parish in Steger. “I started reading the bulletins that were at my sister’s home in Crete,” he says. “After a while I wanted a bulletin for myself. I found to my surprise that the parish had an extensive mailing list for the bulletins.”

Ten years ago Kubacki took on his own project of putting together quotes for bulletins. At first, most of the quotes were from Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa (before they were named saints) and from Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Now the list of those quoted has grown immensely and includes other religious leaders, noted Catholic authors and historical figures.

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, who hosted Kubacki and his family for lunch in early December, is one of the many people that Kubacki has quoted in his materials. “I feel that Bishop Paprocki is an innovative person,” says Kubacki, who is a retired technical writer. “He is an innovator in my book and that speaks well for him.” He adds that when he began reading what Bishop Paprocki has written, for example in his Catholic Times columns, Red Mass homilies and other places, that he came to find the bishop “inspiring” but “easy to quote and to follow” and that his words are concise.

“I believe quotes (reprinted in bulletins) have a potential to get people engaged in the parish,” he says. Each of the quotes Kubacki has assembled has the necessary permission to be reprinted — and there are hundreds to choose from on various topics for every season and special holidays.

And when did Kubacki know that his work searching out quotes was finally finished? “Oh, I’m not finished with this project,” he states. “And I probably never will be.”

The quotes from Kubacki are available at no charge. The link to “Quotes for Sunday Bulletins” is available each week in the Bulletin Announcements section of Parish Link at

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