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Twelve Baskets Full ‘accomplishing’ mission

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twelvebaskets“I would like to point out one success story of our sending antiseizure medications to a 13-year -old girl in Santiago. Her family could not afford the medications and she was unable to attend school. We sent at least six months worth of levitiracetam with ER Abroad from Sherman. They go there twice a year. She is in school now.”

That story was contained in a year-end email to donors of Twelve Baskets Full (TBF) by Dr. Rod Matticks, president and CEO. “... this warms our hearts and motivates our spirit,” he said. “[We] continue to be blessed by the prophetic acclamation given in Luke’s Gospel of the 12 baskets.”

The pharmaceutical reclamation project acquires products from sources that would have otherwise discarded them (see CT 11/2/14). Matticks said that last year, medications were sent to misstion trips including:

  • Ghana: March, 1,946 doses
  • Nicaragua: March, 8,613 doses
  • Ghana: July, 12,877 doses
  • Figi SeaMercy: Sept., 1,370 doses
  • Guatemala: Oct., 9,483 doses
  • Nigeria: Oct., 24,735 doses
  • Haiti: Nov., 1,858 doses
  • Nigeria: Nov., 24,735 doses

Matticks said TBF’s inventory stands at about 540,000 doses of medication and grows by the day. Mission trips are pending to Haiti, the Phillippines, Swaiziland, Kenya and Cameroon. More information about TBF is available at

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