Friday, 03 February 2017 08:36

Bishop distributes questions for preliminary phase of diocesan synod

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Asks the faithful  throughout diocese to participate in historic synod

In remarks following the Jan. 22 prayer service that began the preparation phase of the diocesan synod, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki reinforced some important elements.

“As I’ve explained before, ‘synod’ is a Greek word that means ‘meeting,’” said Bishop Paprocki. “It is my hope that during this year of our synod, this becomes a conversation, a diocesan-wide discussion ... that will be used to form the questions that guide the synod itself. I want everyone’s feedback and input.”

In addtion to the questions distributed following the service, Bishop Paprocki noted that they are also online at and published in Catholic Times. The findings will be used at the Diocesan Synod Deanery Prayer and Listening Sessions to be held in each deanery on April 2.

“I want to point out that this is the opening of the preliminary phase,” he said. “This time is committed to prayer and preparation for the rest of synod. I invite everyone in the diocese to continually pray for the success of our synod. Pray that we will all be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit so that by our closing Mass on Nov. 26, we will all be able to make a commitment together to follow the call of the Lord that we will have heard from him thru this synodal process.”

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