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Diocese honors educators, catechists for years of service

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At the end of each school year, educators and catechists in parish schools and religious education programs in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois are honored for special service anniversaries.
Honorees for 2016-2017 receive a certificate. The catechist certificates are signed by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki and Christine Malmevik, director of the Office for Catechesis. Educator certificates are signed by Bishop Paprocki and Brandi Borries, superintendent for Catholic Schools. One-hundred thirty-nine certificates were issued.
“We appreciate and congratulate these dedicated catechists and teachers for their ministry of discipleship formation,” said Borries and Malmevik, in a joint statement. “We pray for God’s blessing on them always.”


Camp Point
St. Thomas Parish

Claudia Coggeschell, 30 years
Amanda Hesse, 5 years

Ss. Mary and Joseph Parish

Lige Daley, 15 years
Danita Welte, 10 years

Ss. Peter & Paul Parish

Jean Clancy, 30 years
John Brennan, 15 years
Kimberly Zagorski, 5 years

Holy Family Parish

Patrice Hunt, 5 years
Kelley Lundy, 5 years

St. Isidore the Farmer Parish

Sandy Meinhart, 35 years
Phyllis Jansen, 30 years
Diann Ruholl, 30 years
Carol Cohorst, 10 years
Emily Esker, 10 years
Valerie Rosa, 5 years

Ss. Simon & Jude Parish (and St. Joseph Parish, Benld)

Bill Bertetto, 10 years

St. Lawrence Parish

Carmen Caldieraro, 15 years
Sharon Elam, 10 years
Cindy Kennedy, 5 years

St. Paul Parish

Ron Knapp, 30 years
Engie Walker, 30 years
Bill Wagner, 25 years
Joan Riffel, 10 years

Resurrection Parish

Catherine Mitchell, 30 years
Kimberly Hutmacher, 10 years
Candice Blair, 5 years
Amanda Closs, 5 years
Lori Owens, 5 years

Holy Family Parish

Barb Nickles, 25 years
Rosemary Hughes, 20 years
Diane Heller, 10 years
Jodi Thornton, 10 years
Cindy Voyles, 10 years

St. Mary’s Parish

Stacey Boyer, 15 years
Sara Tarble, 15 years
Allison Medsker, 10 years
Danielle Burress, 5 years
Jeff Burress, 5 years
Teresa Hoecherl, 5 years
Naomi Newton, 5 years
Andrea Tarble, 5 years

Mother of Perpetual Help Parish

Mary Halde, 45 years
Jeanette Cefaratti, 5 years

New Berlin
St. Mary Parish

Heather Peters, 10 years

St. Patrick Parish

Matt Baldwin, 5 years
Mary Beth Denton, 5 years
Marilyn Stalets, 5 years

Immaculate Conception Parish

Denise Richter, 20 years

St. Peter Parish

Sandy Gallaher, 5 years
Mary Talken, 5 years

St. Elizabeth/Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Kara Mosbey, 10 years
Missy York, 10 years
Angela Bonnell, 5 years
Josh Quick, 5 years
Kathy Staller, 5 years

St. Jude Parish

Brandee Toliver, 5 years

Sainte Marie
St. Mary of the Assumption Parish

Judy Wagner, 20 years
Marie Wagner, 20 years
Lora Semple, 10 years
Nancy Ochs, 5 years

St. Jerome Parish

Karen Daiber, 15 years
Brenda Neumann, 15 years
Chris Bergmann, 5 years
Megan Caperton, 5 years
Taryn Gaskill, 5 years
Heather Hartman, 5 years

Sacred Heart Parish

Nan Snyder, 5 years


St. Mary School

Nina Phillips, 15 years

St. Joseph Preschool

Andrea Conlon, 10 years

Ss. Peter & Paul School

Debbie Bozzardi, 25 years
Suzanne Wilde, 25 years
Debbie Popovchak-Ericskon, 20 years
Melissa Martin, 10 years

St. Patrick

Julie Hettinger, 35 years Jan Sweet, 10 years

St. Teresa High School
Tracy Bridgeman, 20 years
William Van Diver, 5 years

St. Boniface

Kathleen Hastings, 40 years
Kathryn Kamp, 20 years
Mary Wood, 20 years
Sister Anna Marie Flanigan, OSF, 15 years
Sister Kathleen Ann Mourisse, OSF, 10 years
Molly Frank, 5 years

Sacred Heart School

Linda Workman, 25 years

St. Anthony of Padua Grade School
Ashley Bierman, 10 years Christy Cyrus, 10 years
Dustin Overbeck, 10 years
Lindsey Storm, 10 years

Glen Carbon
Father McGivney Catholic High School

Henry Johnson, 5 years
Brooke Larkin, 5 years Bobbie Madura, 5 years
Granite City
Holy Family School
Rosalie Ohlson, 30 years
Margaret Holland Pennell, 30 years

St. Paul Catholic School

Lisa Strieker, 20 years
Angela Nuxoll, 10 years

Routt Catholic High School

Lisa Hall, 25 years
Linda Dunseth, 5 years
Cleta TerHark, 5 years

Mt. Sterling
St. Mary School

Martha Hogge, 20 years

Notre Dame High School

Bill Connell, 25 years
Donna McCulloch, 20 years George McDonnell, 20 years

St. Dominic School
Sharon Phillips, 5 years
Molly Stroot, 5 years

St. Francis Solanus School
Maureen Makarewicz, 40 years
Jamie Marshall, 5 years

St. Peter School
Linda Myers, 35 years

Blessed Sacrament School

Julie Ketchum, 20 years
Stacy Mundstock, 20 years
Cindy Klenke, 10 years
Linda Kroner, 10 years
Emily Erickson, 5 years
Mary Ellen Hollahan, 5 years
Kate Senger, 5 years

Cathedral Grade School
Nicholas Kisling, 10 years

Christ The King School
Margo Hasara, 30 years
Karen Giganti, 25 years
Judi Fenoglio, 20 years
Beth Richardson, 20 years
Gina Snow, 20 years
Nancy Ward, 20 years
Kathy Zanger, 15 years
Kristen Clow, 10 years

Sacred Heart-Griffin High School
Phil Seck, 30 years
Eric Chrzanowski, 25 years
Donna Brayfield, 20 years
Karen Danner, 20 years
Marian England, 15 years
Gharles Golitko, 15 years
Anna Barbara Huffman, 10 years
Melissa Blankestyn, 5 years
Holly Fester, 5 years
Kelly Fricke, 5 years
Kevin Klemm, 5 years
St. Agnes School
Rhonda Kon, 15 years
Maria Twaddle, 15 years
Kathi Keane, 5 years
Linda Tusek, 5 years

St. Aloysius School
Deanne Reavis, 10 years

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