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October 02, 2016
With the general election coming up in just a few weeks, people are pondering and praying over their choices. Although candidates are also running for state and local offices, the presidential election this year is unprecedented and most challenging. Both candidates for president are seen as having such serious flaws as to lead some people to wonder if they can vote for either candidate of the two major parties or if they should skip voting in this year’s election. In the end, people must follow their consciences, but they should also take care to form their consciences properly and make informed decisions.
September 18, 2016
Our theme for the 2016 Annual Catholic Services Appeal is: “Continuing the Mission of Charity.” The inspiration for this theme comes from St. Teresa of Calcutta, who was canonized a saint by Pope Francis earlier this month. St. Teresa of Calcutta, of course, was known for founding the Missionaries of Charity and for their charitable work with the poor. Your generous contributions to the Annual Catholic Services Appeal support the hard work and dedicated ministry of all of these people who make up our “diocese.” I personally beg you to respond generously to support me and our “diocese” by contributing at least one percent of your annual income to our Annual Catholic Services Appeal either by direct mail, by giving to the in-pew collection in your parish, or by donating online at
September 01, 2016
As we celebrate the Labor Day weekend, it is a fitting time to note that this is the 35th anniversary of the publication of the Papal Encyclical Letter on Human Work, in Latin called Laborem Exercens, issued by Pope St. John Paul II on Sept. 14, 1981. The significance of human work is found in “the fact that the one who, while being God, became like us in all things devoted most of the years of his life on earth to manual work at the carpenter’s bench. This circumstance constitutes in itself the most eloquent ‘Gospel of work,’ showing that the basis for determining the value of human work is not primarily the kind of work being done but the fact that the one who is doing it is a person.” In this way, the Holy Father emphasized the dignity of human work by focusing its attention on the person doing the work, rather than the work being done by the person.
August 21, 2016
Here in Springfield, the voice of believers in the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception must speak out against the expansion of abortion services at the new Planned Parenthood facility on Bruns Lane, which will now offer surgical abortions in addition to chemical abortions. In contrast, pregnancy resource centers in Springfield such as the Pregnancy Care Center, the Elizabeth Ann Seton program, Lifetime, and Beerlahai Roi Women’s Ministries have many resources to assist low-income women throughout her pregnancy, birth, and role as a parent. Not only pro-life advocates, but all people who are truly pro-choice should support the services of these pregnancy resource centers to give women a real choice to have their babies and give them the gift of life, rather than the dead-end no-choice of abortion. The only real caring choice it to choose life.
August 07, 2016
Having just returned from World Youth Day with Pope Francis in Kraków, Poland, I am pleased to offer some reflections on this experience that I shared with 63 pilgrims from our Diocese of Springfield in Illinois and with countless more from all over the world.
July 24, 2016
It is important for couples entering into marriage to have a clear understanding of what the church teaches about the meaning of marriage so that they may enter into a valid marriage and receive the sacramental graces that flow to the baptized as husband and wife.
July 10, 2016
Having just celebrated our country’s Independence Day, it is tragic that our nation has strayed so far from the principles enshrined by the founders of our country in the Constitution of the United States of America. One year ago, five lawyers sitting as justices of the United States Supreme Court disregarded not only the continuous constitutional and legal meaning of marriage as understood since the United States of America declared its independence 240 years ago, but indeed discarded the understanding of marriage as the union of male and female, as had been universally held as the natural order of creation since the dawn of civilization.
June 26, 2016
Words are hard to come by in the aftermath of the despicable shooting that took place on June 12 in Orlando, Fla., killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. At least, words are hard for me to come by. Some have been quick to use the massacre as a platform for their political agendas or their social ideologies. I am<br /> not a politician, so I will leave it to political authorities to devise policies that will bring these increasingly all-too-frequent horrific attacks to an end. I am a spiritual leader, so my words will focus on the spiritual realm.
June 12, 2016
Officials of Planned Parenthood complained bitterly about the use of what they called “deceptive” undercover tactics when a sting operation revealed last year that they were involved in the sale of body parts of aborted babies. Planned Parenthood does not like to be fooled, but they apparently have no qualms about acting deceptively themselves.
May 29, 2016
As we celebrate the solemnity of the Body and the Blood of Christ, many of our parishes will have Corpus Christi processions carrying the Blessed Sacrament through our public streets. May our participation in these Corpus Christi processions serve as a witness to our faith in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist and as an expression of our belief that God is in our midst even in our everyday lives.