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Springfield Catholic Build: Building up the kingdom with a hammer and nails

How you can help build a home for someone in need?

Catholic Build logoWhen you think of the tools you need to be a disciple, do you think of a hammer or saw? Yes, being a disciple can require labor, hard work, and even a little sweat.

This fall, you are called to be an active disciple with your mmer, saw, sweat, and all! That’s because parishes from the Springfield deanery are coming together and partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County for a Catholic Build.

Thanks to the initiative and generosity of Steve and Jodie Koch, Catholics will be living out their discipleship call and working with a deserving family to build a home. “We will be swinging a hammer, hanging drywall and painting, or at least doing our best, as we derive great personal satisfaction in seeing a home being built for a worthy family,” Steve Koch said.

It takes the work and commitment of many to make this happen. Activate your discipleship and find a way you can get involved; whether it is through raising money, donating meals for volunteers, giving of your time, or helping to supply necessary materials. Building disciples requires many hearts and hammers. Jesus said to his Disciples that whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me. Let’s show Central Illinois the Catholic spirit of helping others!

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Families look forward to new homes

Here is a peek into the lives of potential families who will work on and live in the Catholic Build. Both families have met the qualifications to receive a home from Habitat — and prior to breaking ground one family will be designated for the Catholic Build.

Curtis Morris family

07 07 2019 Catholic Build Curtis Morris familyCurtis Morris probably didn’t know 10 years ago, when he volunteered to help build a Habitat for Humanity house for a friend in Rockford, that in 2019 he would be working toward his own Habitat house in Springfield.

Curtis, alongside volunteers, will be building a new three-bedroom, open concept Habitat home with his fiancé, Kristal Holcomb and children Nicholas Holcomb, 16, Amare Morris, 7, and Cayden Morris, 3.

When Morris is not at his regular job, he is volunteering with Habitat, to build up sweat equity hours he will need to build and own his new home. Members of his family will also help with the new build. He is currently attending Habitat classes designed to educate new homeowners on financing, maintenance and insurance issues.

Morris is looking forward to beginning the work on his family’s new home. “The kids will have their own rooms — their own spaces — and I’ll have my barbecue,” he said with a smile.

Kimeka Robinson family

07 07 2019 Catholic Build Kimeka Robinson familyKimeka Robinson has a big dream — to own her own home. As a mother of three, she works two jobs to support herself and her son, Nazsier, 14, who lives with her. She also has two adult children living in Champaign.

After living in public housing for much of her life, she is anxious to move into her own home.

Robinson applied to participate in the Habitat program in 2016, but was denied, she said, due to poor credit. She worked diligently to improve her credit and applied again and was accepted in 2018. In the fall, she began working on the volunteer hours and education classes required in Habitat’s home ownership program.

“In my younger days, I moved from house to house,” Robinson said. “But, I want more stability for my son. I know he wants his own space. He loves basketball, so I know he’ll want to decorate his room with his favorite team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.”