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Catechesis office offers adult faith formation, enrichment courses

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The Office for Catechesis of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, in conjunction with local parishes throughout the diocese, offers faith formation and enrichment courses for adults. These courses, which are open to everyone, are designed to help Catholics grow in faith, respond to questions about the church, and equip people to make faith-filled decisions in their lives.

Parish catechists and Catholic school teachers may also attend these classes for credit in the diocesan catechist formation process. All catechists and teachers are required to engage in ongoing learning to be more effective communicators of the Gospel to those to whom they are called to minister.

Formation is one of the pillars of effective parish stewardship and discipleship as noted in the document, The Pillars of Parish Stewardship, published for the Springfield diocese in 2015. According to the document, “… formation includes quality education, but the knowledge itself is not enough. Ongoing Catholic education … is important if we are to grow in our lives as stewards” (p. 21).

Flyers describing the courses offered are available online. To register for a course, please contact the parish directly.

Online formation opportunities are available as well. More information about adult formation opportunities is available at