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The Magic of Christmas

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What makes Christmas magical?

What makes Christmas magical? Is it the clever elf that flies around from shelf to shelf? Or is it the big jolly guy squeezing down the narrow chimney with a bag of all the greatest toys?

Between the shopping, lists, cooking, parties and the general chaos of the season, Christmas can begin to feel more like mayhem than like magic. In the middle of the mayhem, where can you find the magic of Christmas?

Catholic Charities

Why is that? Because the real magic of Christmas can only be found in Christ. When we answer God’s call to love and serve the least of our brothers and sisters, it can only be described as magical.

Imagine going from the pain of knowing your family may not have a meal on Christmas to picking up a ham and all the ingredients for delicious side dishes. Imagine the difference between telling your child not to zip their tattered coat so it fits one more year to providing them with a brand-new warm coat and hat. Think of the relief parents feel when they know Santa will deliver gifts to their kids this year.

This is the magic described by one mom: “When they told me there were Christmas gifts for us, I started crying. Without Catholic Charities, my son wouldn’t have been able to have the Christmas he did. I absolutely love Catholic Charities — it’s amazing what this agency does. It just blows my mind.”

These are the magical moments of Christmas. Moments provided by you, with the help of Catholic Charities — all because Christ came into this world.

When the magic of Christmas begins to feel like another item on your to-do list, remember that Jesus did not sprinkle magic dust to help those in need. He encountered them, spent time with them, fed them, healed them, nourished them and in doing that, radically changed their lives.

That is the magic of Christ. There is no Christmas without Christ and there is no magic without so many people seeking to love and know Christ by serving those in need.

Magic moments at Catholic Charities

  • In and around Effingham, 750 children will receive Christmas presents.
  • In and around Springfield, 900 children will receive Christmas gifts.
  • In and around Alton, 409 children will receive toy bags.
  • Hundreds of kids from all around the diocese have coats, gloves and hats.
  • Hundreds of families from all around the diocese will receive full Christmas meals.
  • In and around Quincy, 2,681 children received toys from the 12,298 toys collected.
  • One Stop Community Christmas in Mattoon served 1,000 families and 2,300 children this year.