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St. Pope John Paul II, dogs, and the Eucharist

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An incredible story of the true Presence

A story from 1995 reports that when St. Pope John Paul II was visiting the United States, on his last day in Baltimore, the pope said that after greeting seminarians outside St. Mary’s Seminary, he wanted to spend some time inside, to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

Security had not planned for this, so they sprang into action. They quickly swept the building, putting an emphasis on the chapel, where the pope wanted to go to pray.

Security personnel brought with them highly trained dogs — dogs that could find people under collapsed buildings or track the scent of any person hiding in a building.

Quickly, the dogs worked through the halls and offices, and then went up to the chapel. When reaching the tabernacle, the dogs stopped, barked, and as trained wouldn’t leave the spot. They had scented a living person was inside the tabernacle.