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Docility to the Holy Spirit The deepest secret to docility

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Mary, our Blessed Mother, is the ultimate created expression of the Holy Spirit. Her guidance and understanding of the Holy Spirit are inexpressible. She is truly the Mother of God because God entrusted himself to her and he became Incarnate, the Redeemer of mankind. The Holy Spirit waited for her “yes,” then the Man-God was conceived in her womb.

In the books of Exodus and Numbers, Moses and the Israelites discerned and heard aloud the Word of God in the tent of meeting. The Ark of the Covenant, in a shimmering Cloud of Glory, dwelt in this tent. This is why it was the tent of meeting; it was literally the place on earth where God and man met and conversed.

Our Lady is the fulfillment of this Old Testament dwelling. She is both the tent of meeting and the Ark of the New Covenant (Rev 12:1-ff). The Cloud of Glory, which is the Holy Spirit, overshadowed Our Lady’s womb. Jesus Christ dwelt in the womb for more than nine months. He received both matter and form from her. He was her living sacrament, and Our Lady was his.

Modern science and Scripture (Luke 1:35 and Rev 12:1-6) both confirm that in utero, a baby’s stem cells passes into the mother and adheres to her medulla, a part of the brain. Studies have shown that these stem cells are found there after 30 years, and are used to help heal the mother from sicknesses. Furthermore, some studies reveal that the mother may acquire some of the personality of her child. Jesus was always with Mary and she with Jesus. Her own gene code and nutrients passed to him. Their physical bond went beyond the womb revealing the depth of her holiness and readiness to truly be the “handmaid of the Lord.” This is the essence of docility, and Mary manifested it perfectly. A good meditation may be to ponder what this meant for Mary to carry Jesus in her womb. The words of her Magnificat give incredible insight into this awesome mystery.

The entrustment of ourselves to our Blessed Mother renders us capable to receive special gifts of inspiration from God, as well as, the most profound protection and guidance. In doing this, we imitate Jesus. We also imitate Moses and the high priests of the Old Testament, who placed themselves in the tent of meeting near the Ark of the Covenant to receive divine messages and consolations. The Ark was also used by the Israelites to scatter their enemies before them (Num 10:35). Mary, as the Ark of the New Covenant, overcame Satan and she will do the same for us. (Gen 3:15; Rev 12:14-16.)

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