Sunday, 14 June 2020 09:30

Message from diocesan superintendent of schools regarding next school year

Written by Brandi Borries

When our schools began last fall, no one could have anticipated how they would end this spring. In spite of the unexpected circumstances we found ourselves in due to the COVID-19 virus, the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois were still able to provide over 10,000 students with an exceptional faith-based education. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our administrators, teachers and school staff, our students and their families were able to stay connected and not miss a beat in the learning process. We are so grateful for their endless dedication to our students and their ability to go above and beyond in so many cases for the sake of our students.

With the school year now over, we can begin looking forward to the 2020-21 academic year. As we listen to news reports and read everything coming to us, it seems clear that we will need to have multiple plans in place to be prepared for what August will bring, new procedures and protocols. Each school in our diocese is unique in its makeup of enrollment and classroom size, therefore how schools enact policies, schedules and necessary precautions will vary. In the upcoming weeks, school principals will be working together to develop reopening plans that will not only keep our students and staff safe and healthy but will also allow for them to resume their education in the manner that best works for all — together.

Brandi Borries is the superintendent for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois