Sunday, 06 September 2020 16:26

Diocese honors catechists for years of service

At the end of each school year, catechists in parish school of religion (PSR) programs in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois are honored for special anniversaries. Honorees from 2019-2020 received a catechist certificate signed by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki and Kyle Holtgrave, director for Catechesis.

“I would like to offer my congratulations to these catechists for reaching a five -year anniversary mark in their service to the ministry of catechesis,” said Holtgrave. “Your hard work and dedication to passing on the faith is a shining example of Christ’s great commission to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Thank you for your ministry and may God’s blessings be with you!”


Marquette High School
Paula Mattix-Wand, 30 years


St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Kathy Burshears, 30 years
Michelle Stenke, 10 years
Brian Stenke, 10 years
Kris Tunstall, 10 years


St. Isidore the Farmer Parish
Ed Niemerg, 35 years
Ellie Niemerg, 30 years
Gene Niemerg, 30 years
Doris Probst, 25 years
Susan Thoele, 25 years
Karla Slifer, 20 years
Tami Hetzer, 10 years
Jesse Jansen, 10 years
Brandi Lidy, 10 years
Andy Niemerg, 10 years
Pam Feller, 5 years
Karen Huber, 5 years


St. Boniface Parish
Dave Knetzer, 25 years
Susie Knetzer, 25 years
Robin Black Rubenstein, 20 years
Stephanie Scheffel, 15 years
Georgann Lautner, 10 years

St. Mary Parish
Danny Duncan, 5 years

Glen Carbon

St. Cecilia Parish
Paula Raffaelle, 15 years

Granite City

St. Elizabeth Parish
Cheryl Mangi, 25 years
Laura Black, 20 years
Kaitlin McGraw, 5 years
Becky Corbett, 15 years
Mikaela Black, 5 years
Kathy Byrd, 5 years
Laura Ratchford, 5 years


St. Lawrence Parish
Rebecca Waters, 10 years
Paula Caylor, 5 years


St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Brianna Sibley, 5 years


Mother of Perpetual Help Parish
Amanda Dotzert, 10 years
Jerry Lauber, 10 years


St. James Parish
Marsha Kesky, 20 years
Chris Schmit, 10 years
Erin Brusky, 5 years
Lori Williams, 5 years


St. Elizabeth
Mary Clark, 20 years


St. Agnes Parish
Trish Penning, 45 years
Connie Tozer, 25 years
Kimberly Magowan, 15 years
Dan Wilson, 15 years
Darcie Cullers, 10 years
Ashley Krzesinski, 10 years
Amy Alderman, 5 years
Sue Misher, 5 years


St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Sister Christina Marie Frick, SSND, 60 years
Rich Niebrugge, 10 years
Lisa Uthell, 10 years


Forty Martyrs Parish
Jaci Manzella, 5 years
Vanessa Vandeventer, 5 years