Sunday, 06 September 2020 16:38

Catechists achieve various levels of certification

The Catechist Formation Process is a religious studies and Christian experience process for all catechists in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois. The process is offered and administered by the Office for Catholic Education, and its general purpose is to provide opportunities for catechists to enrich their love and knowledge of the Catholic faith in order to be more effective communicators of the Gospel to those whom they are called to minister.

Each level of certification has certain requirements. To achieve the Basic and Intermediate Levels, a catechist must complete 90 hours of instruction in a variety of areas. The Advanced Level requires 80 hours of ongoing formation. Once a catechist reaches the Advanced Level of certification, he or she must document 30 hours of ongoing formation over a three-year period to renew their certificate. Catechists who have a degree in theology qualify for the Degreed Level certificate.

The following is a list of all catechists who have achieved a level of certification in the Catechist Formation Process:

Basic Level

Debbie Adams, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Cynthia Callan, St. Agnes, Springfield; Ruth Ficke, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Ann Healy, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Margaret Holland Pennell, Holy Family, Granite City; Teresa Keller, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Debbie Mauntel, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Tina Morehead, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Stacy Mundstock, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Patricia Pinkston, St. Louis, Nokomis; Laurie Reiser, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Karen Senger, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Michelle Townsend, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield; Jane Seelbach, Blessed Sacrament, Springfield

Intermediate Level

[No certificates awarded this year.]

Advanced Level

Don Cherry, Ss. Peter and Paul, Collinsville; Marcy Fessler, St. Ambrose, Godfrey

Degreed Level

Matthew Green, St. Anthony, Effingham

Certificate Renewal

Debra Bozzardi, Ss. Peter and Paul, Collinsville; Julie Buehler, Ss. Peter and Paul, Collinsville; Larry Daly, St. Teresa Catholic High School, Decatur; Carole Harrison, St. Mary, Taylorville; Deb Heinemann, St. Mary, Taylorville; Melissa Martin, Ss. Peter and Paul, Collinsville; Dana Murray, St. Mary, Taylorville; Deborah Popovchak-Erickson, St. Elizabeth, Granite City; Cathy Robertson, St. Mary, Taylorville; Cathy Schaeffer, St. Mary, Taylorville; Catherine Smith, St. John the Evangelist, Carrollton; Linda Stone, St. Mary, Taylorville