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Apostolate of caring for the souls of others, mission field

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The key to apostolate is to perceive our mission field in our homes, neighborhoods, parishes, workplaces, schools, political arena, extended family, and friendships. Grace builds on nature so the more natural the relationship with individuals, the better we are able to minister to them. If people do not know us, how can they trust us? If they cannot trust us, how can they listen to and hear us?

God reveals himself according to the moral, psychological, and spiritual maturity of his people. We need to follow God’s example and lead by charity. Avoid feelings of defensiveness or insult when we meet with stubborn resistance. Recall how patient our Lord is and has been with us so that we may respond with the same love and mercy to others.

Our apostolic endeavors are greatly enhanced when we minister within the confines of a loving community of faith. There is nothing more powerful than an army of witnesses, even a small army. Satan trembles at the prospect of even one zealous and devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. He is positively panic-stricken by the prospect of numerous disciples following Our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is better to keep a fire lit with a hot coal surrounded by many other burning coals rather than to set each of them apart.

Finally, a note from DJH author Marlene Mulford: Thank you for accompanying me on A Disciple’s Journey to Holiness. This is the final article compiled from the resource, Prayer and Spirituality. I wish to acknowledge the Holy Family School of Faith and the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas for their gracious permission to use its publication for this series. My hope is that you have found the information helpful toward developing a deeper spiritual life and a closer relationship with God. Remember this one last bit of advice — mental prayer! The more accustomed we are to prayer and meditation, the more we grow in grace and holiness. If you are comfortable in your prayer life, then you are standing still. A whole new outpouring of grace, blessings and a closer relationship with God awaits you. A path to a deeper prayer life is just a prayer away. Ask God for the grace to change and grow. He will hear and answer you. I promise, God will be all you have ever dreamed or desired he could be. God is waiting for you!

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