Sunday, 24 January 2021 11:12

What is the Catholic school difference?


Our schools are grounded with the teachings and principles of the Catholic faith. Students learn and receive sacraments, attend weekly Mass, begin each day in prayer, attend spiritual retreats, go on life changing trips like the March for Life and World Youth Day, discuss faith questions with teachers, clergy, and women religious, pray for their fellow students, and think every day about how they can help others. It is this emphasis on faith that helps our students live selflessly, put on the face of Christ to those in need, and be a role model to others.


Our high school students perform thousands of service hours in their communities every year. Our elementary schools raise money and collect food donations for organizations and people in need. Whether it is helping stock food pantries, supporting crisis pregnancy centers, hosting toy drives, and volunteering in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, or visiting the sick and elderly, our students in all our schools have a sense of service engrained in their heart, and they are called to live out that service in their communities.


Our students learn in a close-knit classroom experience. Our professional teachers and staff have shown a unique ability to connect with students due to the lower student to teacher ratio and an environment that is always grounded in faith. There is a 12:1 student to teacher ratio in our elementary schools and a 10:1 ratio in our high schools. This knowledge has helped students achieve high test scores, gain entrance to the college of their dreams, and prepares them to live out our faith in society and in the workforce.

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