Sunday, 07 February 2021 15:49

Hey, Father! is going LIVE!

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Do you have a question about the Catholic faith? Confused about a Catholic Church teaching? Maybe you wonder why priests do this or why our tradition says that. The popular Hey, Father! series is going LIVE to answer your questions.

On Wednesday, Feb. 10 from noon-1 p.m., Father Daren Zehnle, pastor at St. Augustine Parish in Ashland and St. Peter Parish in Petersburg, and Father Jeremy Paulin, OMV, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Alton, will take your questions about anything Catholic and answer them LIVE on the diocesan social media channels. Go to or to watch LIVE or on replay.

“I am looking forward to answering people’s questions about the faith,” Father Zehnle said. “When you understand why the Catholic Church teaches what she does, it is amazing to see how beautiful, rich, and powerful our teachings are.”

“Even if you don’t have a specific question, it’s my hope people will learn something new or better appreciate our faith,” Father Paulin said. “I also hope this broadcast encourages everyone that if you have a question about our faith or are struggling with a church teaching to please approach us priests. We are here and would be very happy to help.”

You can send in your question early or during the broadcast by emailing it to , texting it to (217) 203-5100, or leaving it in the comments section on Facebook or YouTube during the broadcast.

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