Sunday, 21 February 2021 10:22

Season Six of Dive Deep covers wide variety of topics

Dive Deep, the official podcast of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, has launched season six. Several area priests join hosts Andrew Hansen, Amber Cerveny, and Father Chris House this season for several episodes as the crew covers topics ranging from Lent and the Gospel of Mark to free will and Fatima. Dive Deep is available on all the popular podcasting platforms. Go to to listen and subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Feb. 12: Lent 101
Why fast? Why 40 days? Why purple? Why ashes? Why no meat on Fridays? Lent is full of symbolism, rooted deep in Catholic theology. While Lent 101 sounds like an introductory class, Dive Deep will teach you things about Lent you have never heard before.

Feb. 26: A century of advice. A sit down with a 100-year-old WWII veteran
He served in WWII. He was married for nearly 75 years. Dive Deep sits down Jasper Madonia of Springfield as he gives us 100 years of wisdom, and how our Catholic faith has kept him going.

March 12: What you didn’t know about Mark’s Gospel
This year, you hear from the Gospel of Mark at Mass. But who is Mark and what should we know about his writings? Dive Deep explores the many interesting facts, pious legends, and fun insights about the shortest Gospel in the Bible.

March 26: Running for a Higher Purpose
Eight steps to spiritual and physical fitness — that’s the theme of Bishop Thomas John Paprocki’s new book, Running for a Higher Purpose, slated to come out in late March. Bishop Paprocki joins Dive Deep to explain why the book may be exactly what you need to give your spiritual and physical well-being a boost.

April 9: No more Communion blessings. What now?
A January instruction by Bishop Paprocki instituted no more Communion blessings across the diocese. Dive Deep tells you what happens now when someone approaches the priest with their arms crossed and why hearing these certain words, “Receive Christ in your heart,” will make a big impact.

April 23: This is not what these new priests envisioned
They have been priests for less than a year but have only known priestly life during a pandemic. How are our new priests coping? What has been the biggest challenge and biggest reward? Dive Deep sits down with Fathers Dominic Vahling (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield) and Michael Meinhart (St. Boniface in Edwardsville).

May 7: Do we really have free will?
Scientists and theologians have debated the free will question for centuries. Hear what scientists discovered and how you can answer this question from a Catholic theological perspective in this episode of Dive Deep.