Sunday, 30 May 2021 14:22

Hospital Sisters team up with Indian community

Launching fundraising campaign to help with pandemic in India

As a devastating second wave of COVID-19 continues to take a tragic toll on India, nonprofit organizations of Indian origin have teamed up with Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach to launch a fundraising effort to purchase life-saving equipment for under-resourced medical facilities in India. The fundraising campaign called Breath for India, acknowledges that the struggle for breath experienced by COVID-19 patients has reached devastating proportions in India.

A severe second wave of the pandemic has overwhelmed hospitals and medical care facilities with over 350,000 new cases being reported every day. The goal of Breath for India is to raise over $250,000 towards oxygen supply units, PPE, and home care units. These are being delivered directly to hospitals and nursing homes identified by a steering committee of local physicians who are in constant touch with medical personnel on the ground in India.

To make a donation or to learn more about this fundraising effort, visit: