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Come experience the power of God with a Night of Healing at the Cathedral June 4

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Are you need of healing, any kind of healing? All are welcome to attend The Night of Healing at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield on Saturday, June 4. 

A Healing Prayer Workshop kicks off the day from 9 a.m. to noon in the Cathedral atrium that is open to anyone. Participants will learn about why and how to pray for healing. The Night of Healing prayer service begins at 6:30 p.m. All are invited to be prayed with for healing. People can stay as long as they wish that night.

Why a Night of Healing? 

As Christians, we often offer prayers for one another at a distance, which is good. However, there is a real power when we gather together in person to prayer for one another. We often avoid praying with one another in person because we are less familiar with it, and sometimes we have a hard time being vulnerable. However, when we have the courage to be vulnerable, prayer becomes more powerful and we experience the love of God in a way that doesn't happen when we pray for one another at a distance. When we come together to pray at a healing service, there is a higher level of expectant faith in God's power. Prayer for healing is abundantly present in the life of Jesus and his disciples. The early Church fathers, such as St. Justin Martyr, St. Irenaeus, and St. Augustine, talk about the healing miracles present at their time. St. Francis Xavier sent newly catechized children in small villages to share the Gospel and perform healing miracles. St. Catherine of Siena, a laywoman, raised the dead. Healing prayer is part of our tradition but not everyone is aware of this. 

Who Is It for?

Really, it is for anyone who wants to come. Primarily, we focus on praying for physical healing, although people often experience emotional healing. It is intended for an individual in need of prayer to actually be there, although one can stand in proxy for a loved one that needs prayers. Even if one is not in need of prayer, it is still a beautiful service to go to. The healing service is at a Catholic Church, but anyone is welcome, not just Catholics. The Night of Healing is not a healing Mass, but a healing prayer service.

What Happens at a Night of Healing?

The Night of Healing begins with a time of singing and praising God. Praise increases the power of our prayer and reminds us of how good God is, which helps us believe in God's healing power. After praise, there is a reflection/homily. Then, we address common questions about healing prayer and obstacles to healing. The prayer team will then share conditions that we believe God is going to heal during the healing service. Before prayer teams, we pray for everyone as a larger group, because it is our firm belief that God works through every believer because of the Holy Spirit, not just special or talented prayer leaders. After praying as a group, prayer teams will spread out throughout the church to offer prayers for individuals. The prayer teams have experience in praying with people for healing. If you have not been prayed over by a prayer team before, it is a really powerful way to experience God's presence and love. There is no official end time. The prayer leaders will stay as it takes to pray with everyone. 

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