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Family day retreat in Quincy Oct. 22 to help families better connect with God

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09 04 2022 Quincy family retreat ten commandmentsSeveral Quincy families attended the Holy Family Fest in Ohio last year. This photo was taken during a scavenger hunt taking place throughout the campus of Catholic FamilyLand. The families' positive experience led them to bring a similar experience to our diocese. Quincy Holy Family Fest, a day retreat for families, takes place on Oct. 22 at the Quincy Knights of Columbus campus in Quincy.Families! Looking to connect with God, have fun, and create memories?
Attend family day retreat in Quincy Oct. 22


QUINCY — Mike Young, a Blessed Sacrament parishioner in Quincy, has attended the Apostolate for Family Consecration's Holy Family Fest in Ohio the past several summers. The grace-filled and fun-filled experience his family enjoyed has led him, his wife, Mandy, and two other families in Quincy to bring a similar experience to Quincy. Quincy Holy Family Fest is a day retreat on Oct. 22 and is geared toward any families wishing to take a day out of the busyness of life to reconnect with God and have fun together. 

“There is a daily rhythm to each day of the retreat in Ohio, and we have modeled our day after that rhythm,” Young said. “It's a rhythm of prayer, especially the sacraments, and family fun. Our family has attended the Holy Family Fest in Ohio the past four summers. Our kids have consistently said they would rather return there each year than go on a trip to Disney World! I believe the reason for that is that all kids, and adults for that matter, crave time with God and time with family and friends. As a dad, I know I get too busy and the craziness of everything life throws at me keeps me from reconnecting with God and with my family as much as I should. This forces me to set time aside from the craziness to intentionally do both of those things. And, it has been an incalculable blessing to our family and the families who have attended with us the past three years.”

The day in Quincy will consist of Mass together as families, and then programming/talks geared toward various age levels. After lunch, there will be a variety of activities and games available such as a bounce house, sand volleyball, board games, kickball, bags, and more. During the recreation time, confessions will also be available. The day will end with a family holy hour, including exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and a family rosary.

“We can look around and see the world is getting crazier and crazier,” Young said. “In particular, the family is really under attack. We need all that the Church has to offer to grow in strength to resist those forces and deepen our relationship with our Lord.”

Quincy Holy Family Fest takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., Oct 22 at the Quincy Knights of Columbus campus (700 S 36th St., Quincy). It’s $40 per household, which includes lunch and a T-shirt for each parent. To sign up, go to For questions, call (217) 257-0186 or email . The deadline to sign up is Oct. 9.

Photo by Aaron Kerkhoff