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A thrift store picture of a saint turns into several God moments

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12 25 2022 St. Corbinian 2Father Steven Arisman, pastor of St. Francis of Solanus Parish in Quincy, graciously receives the framed image of St. Corbinian from Buhl, who is a parishioner at St. Aloysius Parish in Springfield. By MIKKI BUHL
Special to Catholic Times  

About three months ago, I saw this framed art piece for sale at Hope Thrift Center in Springfield. I knew it was of a saint, but at the time, I was unsure who it was. I was intrigued by the drawing and purchased it, thinking I would use it at home or maybe my church or school could use it, as I have found other pictures at the thrift store and donated them to my church, St. Aloysius Parish, in Springfield.  

After doing some searching, I found it was a picture of St. Corbinian (670-730), a bishop who traveled from Rome to Freising of Bavaria, Germany. The bear is often a symbol of St. Corbinian, who tamed a bear to carry his load while traveling. Corbinian's bear appeared on the coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI.

My next mission was to find a church in our diocese with the saint’s name, but there was no luck. So, I then searched to find a church that had a German heritage. That is when I found St. Francis Solanus Parish in Quincy that met that requisite. The secretary had me connect Jake Terry, their youth minister.

12 25 2022 St. Corbinian 1Now comes the exciting part! After speaking with Mr. Terry, I learned that their youth group had just selected this very saint to learn more about. It was a sign that the framed art piece had to go to this parish, but I wondered how to make arrangements. Mr. Terry and I communicated, figuring someone from their church would be in Springfield for a meeting.

I then received an email saying the pastor would be in town. It was then I looked up who the pastor was, and low and behold, it is Father Steven Arisman. I went on a retreat weekend a few years ago with him, and knew his hometown was Springfield. So, we made for arrangements to meet while he was in Springfield. In yet another God moment, the commemoration of the translation of St.  Corbinian relics is Nov. 20. So, just in time for the feast day, I was able to give the picture to Father Arisman on Nov. 4.

Mikki Buhl is a parishioner at St. Aloysius Parish in Springfield 

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