Monday, 30 January 2023 15:20

Norbertines arrive in Springfield

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The Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael's Abbey based in Orange, Calif., have announced six of the seven priests who will open and run the new Evermode Institute in Springfield. The Evermode Institute will be a center for Catholic spiritual and intellectual formation and these Norbertine Fathers will form a new community there. 

02 05 2023 norbertine staffStanding in front of the altar at St. Francis of Assisi Church are Father Godfrey Bushmaker, O. Praem.; Father Gregory Dick, O. Praem.; Father Stephen Boyle, O. Praem.; Father Augustine Puchner, O. Praem., Prior; Father Anselm Rodriguez, O. Praem.; and Father Ambrose Criste, O. Praem., Director of the Evermode Institute. A seventh priest is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Located on Springfield’s northeast side on the grounds adjacent to the convent of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis, the Evermode Institute includes St. Francis of Assisi Church, a large conference room, other large meeting rooms, and beautiful outdoor prayer trails, Stations of the Cross, and grottos.

“The Evermode Institute will be a place where we form and instruct in the faith all those good people in the Church whose responsibility it is to teach the faith,” Father Criste said. “So, Catholic school teachers, the catechists and religious education instructors in the parishes, eventually, hopefully, the permanent deacons, and trickling out to anybody like parents — people who are responsible to teach the faith. We want to help them to understand the faith better so they can impart the faith to those people in their sphere of influence. There will be some in-person teaching happening at the Evermode Institute, and then we’ll ramp up a robust online presence.”

When the Nobertine community opens the Evermode Institute this July, the public will be welcome to come to Mass at the stunning St. Francis of Assisi Church, go to confession, and participate in the prayer life of the Norbertines.