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'I felt like I wanted to be part of the Church' - The conversion story of Jordan White of Coffeen

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03 19 2023 JW convert CYMK‘I felt like I wanted to be part of the Church’
The conversion story of Jordan White of Coffeen


Growing up, Jordan White was exposed to Catholicism, attending Mass occasionally with his grandparents. He remembers, even as a child, that he was intrigued and thought the Mass was “very interesting.”

Despite that interest, years went by, but it wasn’t until Jordan met his girlfriend and her mom, attending Mass with them, that he was finally nudged toward the faith.

“I felt like I wanted to be part of the Church,” White said. “I had prayed for things, and I really enjoyed going. Also, Father Seth Brown coming to our parish in Vandalia (Mother of Dolors) really inspired me as well.”

White says that he learned the teachings very fast, and especially how the Gospels fulfill the prophecies from the Old Testament. He also felt a connection to St. Jude, even picking the saint for his confirmation saint name. 

03 19 2023 JW night of elect“My mom got me into St. Jude, and I had done some research on him, the patron for hopeless causes,” White said. “In my prayer book, there's a prayer I say whenever I am down or feel hopeless. I feel it helps me seek encouragement and works well. My mom had a prayer candle that also had the prayer on it. His feast day also falls on Oct. 28, the day after my birthday, which I didn't know until after I picked him as my saint.”

Being baptized, receiving confirmation, and his first holy Communion last year was a moment he will treasure forever. 

“I felt the presence of our Lord was there,” White said. “It was a very spiritual moment for me in my life.” 

Looking back at his journey to Catholicism, 27-year-old White says what stands out the most is how the angels, saints, and God are all there, listening to our needs and helping us when we pray. What he loves the most about the faith includes many aspects. 

“I feel there are a lot of life's questions that can get answered through the Lord by going to Mass or just by reading a Scripture,” he said. “What I love most about the faith is that our faith helps achieve blessings and holiness to people in the world — the prayers, the Scriptures, and Mass in general. I feel as if we are all disciples of Christ. The Church will forever have a special purpose in this world.”