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Need a spiritual recharge? Cursillo weekends for men and women scheduled this summer in Quincy

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Many times in our lives we feel the need to recharge or renew our passions, our health, our life. What does that look like for you? For some, we may make a commitment to renew a passion we once had. For others, it may be making changes to your lifestyle to improve your health by starting an exercise program or eating healthier.

When we embark on making a change, we study the different methods or ways to make changes and find what works best in our lives. We invest the time in learning information, making a plan, and how to implement that plan to make the most impact and bring about the desired results.

What about your spiritual life? Does it need renewal or recharge? How do you achieve that? For many, it’s by attending a Cursillo. Cursillo (pronounced Kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word meaning “short course.” The process of making changes in your life is acquiring information, making a plan, and then implementing that plan for desired results. This is basically what happens on a Cursillo

During a three-day Cursillo, you hear talks by priests and lay persons focusing on growth and knowledge of self, the love of God, and your role in the Church and in your communities. In addition, Cursillistas (participants) pray together, celebrate in the Eucharist, and share in the fellowship of Jesus Christ. Each weekend follows the same format but each is unique because of the different life experiences of the Cursillistas.

Men and women make separate Cursillos as we each face our own challenges and communicate differently. Cursillo is a Catholic experience, but all Christians are welcome to attend. If married, men must attend first followed by their wives.  This allows the focus on men as spiritual leaders in the family and allows couples to grow together in their faith. Single, widowed, and divorced persons are also encouraged to attend and strengthen their faith life as well. Anyone age 21 and older can attend.

Cursillo weekends are held at the Quincy University Franciscan Retreat Center in Quincy, eight times a year — four weekends for men and four weekends for women. The cost is $165. 

The next weekends are June 22-25 for men and July 27-30 for women.

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